Who are we?


We are two sisters who love to be in the kitchen.  We enjoy cooking as much as baking, but possibly eating the baked creations more than the cooked ones.  We try to keep our recipes on the healthier side, but we too love a rich chocolate brownie or a creamy Alfredo sauce every once in a while.  We are mostly vegetarian in the kitchen, but for one of us (Ann) meat is not totally out of the question.

Ann:  A twenty something living in and loving Madison, WI.  After moving here from Atlanta, she  worried the restaurants would not be up to par, but they have proved otherwise.  Loves being outside (when the temps are above 30 degrees), biking, hiking, doing yoga.  Paralyzing fear of heights.  Hopes to marry her high school sweetheart some day.

Courtenay: A two years younger twenty something living in St. Louis, Missouri.  Attending college there and kicking booty on the swim team.  Enjoys swinging kettle bells around when not in the pool, listening to music in the park, and making time for the occasional needlepoint project.  Laughs at her sister’s fear of heights.  No high school sweethearts to speak of.

We’d love to hear from you!  Feel free to leave notes in the comments or send us an email!


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