Why “More Than Kale”?

The title for this blog is based on the fact that there is more to healthy eating than gorging yourself in a bowl full of kale. Working in a health foods grocery store, as a healthy eating specialist, I was exposed to lots of customers looking to get healthy with one or two foods. One day it was white mulberries, the next it was dark cherry juice concentrate, and there was a distinct correlation between what Dr. Oz was touting as the new fat-blaster and what customers came in looking for. Some thought they’d overhaul their life by detoxing on concoctions of maple syrup and lemon juice. In the end, my best advice for healthy eating is what we’ve been hearing all along… eat fruits and vegetables! There is no magic potion to run out and buy for your fridge or pantry, but commit to spending most of your grocery budget on fresh produce and learn to enjoy it!  It is my hope that these recipes will help spark some appreciation for all the fresh goodness out there.

This veggie plate features a sweet potato with a pat of Earth Balance butter, tomato, mozzarella and basil salad, roasted beets with an orange vinaigrette, and sautéed kale with a bit of garlic salt.